Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Potty: take 3. Or 4, I've lost count.

It's been a busy week in our house. We're trying to potty train A (again) and she's actually doing really well. We've had exactly two accidents almost everyday but I really don't think that's too bad. She still wants to fight it so we'll go for a week and if she's still not ready we'll put it off. I've tried bribing her with big girl panties, with snacks. She doesn't care about stickers so that didn't work. But the girl sure loves the attention she gets after she goes. Let's just hope it sticks this time!

I actually don't have a recent potty pic and she's napping BUT if everything goes as it should i'll have plenty to choose from next post. (;
Also, I've started running to get rid of those last eight pounds that won't leave.. I actually love it and I'm going to keep doing it even after they're gone. (: I've been taking Aiden in her stroller, it's nice to get a break and still just get some girl time. The Y here has a Zumba class I really want to try but they have Mommy & Me dance which would be soo much fun! So hopefully within the next month we'll get on that.
My boys are growing so fast! Yesterday I walked into the room and saw this..

Cutest thing ever.
and this is:

And if you haven't ever seen The Protector watch it, because when they remake it someday.. Ronin wants to audition. (:

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

three months!

My boys will be three months old tomorrow. (1 month and 2 weeks, adjusted) they're growing so much everyday! They're both cooing a lot more and holding themselves up. Although R likes tummy time way more than K. While awake anyway. K likes sleeping on his belly which freaks me out but we've been told that's common for reflux babies. Some nights are definitely better than others but we're getting a nice break at night from about 8 to 11 or 12. Other than that we're still nursing about every hour or two.. I really like that break at night. Haha. All the other mommies said at about four months they started sleeping longer so we'll cross our fingers.. A didn't start sleeping through the night until about four months ago.. I hope the boys don't follow suit. R has been really slobbery lately so I dont think teething will help the no-sleep situation. But we're pretty excited about hitting milestones!

I took a few pictures this morning, they aren't in very good moods but we still got some cute ones.
A getting some molars I think, she keeps waking up at night and just being whiny throughout the day.. It'll be an interesting week. (:

Clearly K is enjoy himself...

So.. Some big differences are..
R has a better tan than A, K, or I do.
K's hair is thicker and looks curly? He may be the only one with my hair. Poor kid (:
R likes the vibrating papasan; K loathes it.
K either has hazel eyes or they're a lighter brown but they look different.
R is a lot more muscular looking.
K voice is deeper but again, that might just be the reflux.

Oh yeah! This is off topic but A is finally playing with other kids. She's still pretty bossy but its so cute seeing her finally act like.. A kid. Haha she's always such a little adult. <3

Sunday, August 8, 2010

raindrops keep falling on my head.

One good thing about all of this surprise rain is that we get to decorate our driveway. Frequently.
It started with her name,

Then we decided to color the whole family.

Comanche was cut off.
We ended up with purple hands but since we're so cute it was okay.. We survived. (:

I just thought this was cute.
Our backseats a little full (:
We were on our way to this pirate thing at the mall.. But that ended up being a bust because we're still a little too young to care about treasure maps. Oh well, we had some yummy Japanese food instead.

oh, this girl.

She'll be twenty months in a few days, almost TWO. I can't believe how fast times gone by, or how much she's changed my life. She's always eating or talking, oh, and occasionally she'll sleep. But not for long. She learns a new word every day, it's so cute (or too tute, as she would say) to watch her little brain work things out. She is constantly singing Justin Biebers "baby" and she gets SO sad over "Need You Now".
Her latest thing, is taking back her baby things that she didn't even enjoy when she was "the baby". This thing vibrates and she thinks it's so funny to hang out in. She's just a skinny little thing so she isn't over the weight limit.. It just looks funny.

After a showw she puts on about half a bottle of lotion.. Good for her eczema I guess.

And helping out in the kitchen.. (:

Oh, and she loves holding her brothers..