Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween 2012, DIY Rugrats costumes!

The kids have been pretty obsessed with the Rugrats cartoons (thank you Netflix!) I wasn't sure if I'd start doing tutorials or not so I didn't take a step by step, but these are all fairly self explanatory. It's a 90's cartoon after all. (:
With each of these we went for the more cartoon-ish version rather than what they would look like in real life. Except mine, but not really on purpose. My hair is pretty Deedee-eque on it's own, especially after the second day so I just teased it a little and sprayed it orange. Having 3-point hair would be more true to the character but, sadly, I chickened out. I ordered cheap green-rimmed sunglasses on Ebay and simply popped out the lens. A red turtleneck sweater dress was so hard to find this year! I found this one on for something like $14. So even if it was terrible I wasnt too worried about it. I didn't think to dye some huge socks orange when I did A's shirt so I just wore some fold-over boots and legging so it still looked somewhat similar. Oh! I almost forgot the necklace. My ears are still stretched so I couldnt do the earrings but Deedee wears big, gaudy gold jewelry. I wore this super fake looking pearl necklace. I bought K and R's shirts at Hobby Lobby. I'm sure Walmart also sells plain, blue shirts. R is still not potty trained so technically he didn't need anything else but we put one of those huge white trainers and safety pins on the side for a more cartoonized diaper. If we could have found a toy screwdriver that would have been perfect! Angelica is known for pigtails, a purple dress, and her cynthia doll. I wish I had a better picture of Cynthia but she was disassembled promptly after trick or treating. Oh, boys. I bought a cheapy NOT-Barbie from the dollar store and hairsprayed 3 clumps of hair like the doll in the cartoon. She was so cheap she only had hair around the perimeter of her head to begin with so there wasnt anything to shave off. I bought blue leggings at Target and painted green circles on them. We had the hardest time finding turtlenecks anywhere, but finally someone told me to check walmart and there was ONE left in 4T. It was white so I dyed it orange. I made a really, really simple purple dress and put a hanger in the shape of a circle in the bottom so it would bell out the way Angelica's does. I think it turned out so cute! We just put some gold hairspray (could not find yellow, we are a family of improv, okay?) and she was set. Don't forget the chocolate chip cookies! Chuckie has a shirt with Saturn on it and green shorts with lighter green squiggles on it? Is it supposed to be Camo? I'm not sure. I made him a pair of green shorts and just painted lighter green squiggly lines on it, on his blue shirt I painted the lines around the neckline and armholes. Oh, and Saturn. Obviously. (: Chuckie has red shoes that are constantly untied but that seemed like a pretty terrible idea so I just left his shoes alone, I sprayed his hair orange and gave him some freckles. I got his purple glasses from Ebay but these lenses were glued in so I wasn't able to pop them out. Overall I think everything turned out pretty well and we had so much fun!