Sunday, August 8, 2010

oh, this girl.

She'll be twenty months in a few days, almost TWO. I can't believe how fast times gone by, or how much she's changed my life. She's always eating or talking, oh, and occasionally she'll sleep. But not for long. She learns a new word every day, it's so cute (or too tute, as she would say) to watch her little brain work things out. She is constantly singing Justin Biebers "baby" and she gets SO sad over "Need You Now".
Her latest thing, is taking back her baby things that she didn't even enjoy when she was "the baby". This thing vibrates and she thinks it's so funny to hang out in. She's just a skinny little thing so she isn't over the weight limit.. It just looks funny.

After a showw she puts on about half a bottle of lotion.. Good for her eczema I guess.

And helping out in the kitchen.. (:

Oh, and she loves holding her brothers..

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