Tuesday, August 10, 2010

three months!

My boys will be three months old tomorrow. (1 month and 2 weeks, adjusted) they're growing so much everyday! They're both cooing a lot more and holding themselves up. Although R likes tummy time way more than K. While awake anyway. K likes sleeping on his belly which freaks me out but we've been told that's common for reflux babies. Some nights are definitely better than others but we're getting a nice break at night from about 8 to 11 or 12. Other than that we're still nursing about every hour or two.. I really like that break at night. Haha. All the other mommies said at about four months they started sleeping longer so we'll cross our fingers.. A didn't start sleeping through the night until about four months ago.. I hope the boys don't follow suit. R has been really slobbery lately so I dont think teething will help the no-sleep situation. But we're pretty excited about hitting milestones!

I took a few pictures this morning, they aren't in very good moods but we still got some cute ones.
A getting some molars I think, she keeps waking up at night and just being whiny throughout the day.. It'll be an interesting week. (:

Clearly K is enjoy himself...

So.. Some big differences are..
R has a better tan than A, K, or I do.
K's hair is thicker and looks curly? He may be the only one with my hair. Poor kid (:
R likes the vibrating papasan; K loathes it.
K either has hazel eyes or they're a lighter brown but they look different.
R is a lot more muscular looking.
K voice is deeper but again, that might just be the reflux.

Oh yeah! This is off topic but A is finally playing with other kids. She's still pretty bossy but its so cute seeing her finally act like.. A kid. Haha she's always such a little adult. <3

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