Tuesday, April 13, 2010

too many big words i dont understand.

This has been such a crazy week so far. Sunday night I came into the hospital because Mt contractions weren't stopping. The first medication they gave me didn't do anything so after thirty minutes they gave me trebutaline (if that's spelled wrong Blame google.) around 2 in the morning they let us go hone because my contractions had stopped.
Then on Monday I was in bed pretty much all morning, taking it easy like they said. Even A slept until eleven because she had stayed up so late the night before. But sure enough around 12 they start all over again even though I was still really shaky from the medicine so I know it was still in my system.
Anyway so I went in again and this time my doctor came and said he was going to have them admit me. Its been rough, I'm now on a combination of antibiotics and magnesium sulfate. They had to up my dose of the mag so I've been really out of it but as long as the boys are staying in that's good.
Also, A isn't allowed in the area because of flu season so that's been super hard staying away from her. My doctor said that tomorrow I can maybe meet her down in the lobby for a bit so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
We also talked to the doctor in charge of the nicu here and she was realky helpful. Its still really hard for me because I didn't expect any complications but I liked how honest she was. The boys, if born this week and they may not be, will need to stay here for six to ten weeks. I will be able to visit them whenever I want though, which isn't what I was told in the beginning, so that's a big relief.
Sorry there are no pictures but right now I just look like an octopus woman with all these tubes and cords sticking out of me. There will be plenty of my precious little boys anyway :)

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