Sunday, April 18, 2010

30 weeks!

I'm still in the hospital, still having a lot of contractions. Still don't really know when the boys are coming. Some things have changed though, I was taken off the magnesium and feel 2,000 times better on this new i-something and trebutaline. Tomorrow I have to stop taking the I one because you're only allowed to take it for 72 hours. I just hope the trebutaline works by itself this time..
We have a sonogram tomorrow, i'll meet with the perinatologist on Wednesday. Dr. Lindstrom has been great though he is in everyday and answers all of our questions.

He basically said I will not be leaving until I have them and we're just trying to buy as much time as possible but eventually none of these will work and that's the day we'll meet the boys. We are at 30 weeks today, they will be fine. I just hope we can all be healthy enough to go home together.
My mom, grandma Lupe and grandpa Robert came on Saturday and brought me tulips and cute things for the babies. And that little swan? My A picked it out. She's the best!

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