Monday, March 7, 2011

I should be packing but I felt like you wanted an update.

I haven't posted since November. NOVEMBER. That's a little ridiculous, I know. I also know you really needed to know about our lives and that was much, much more important than packing. Humor me, okay? G and I have started working out a lot more. He's always been pretty good with it because of his love for MMA but I'm like, the most unmotivated person ever. I've never had a problem with post-pregnancy weight (don't shoot me!) but I'm just so out of shape.. Like, get-winded-just-walking-upstairs out of shape. No bueno. A is a dancing queen! Its adorable. She copies everything she sees and sings along.. She has Gentlemen prefer Blondes memorized. That girl can put on a show! Ooh and she's starting to play Dance Central on the Kinect too. She hasn't gotten any stars yet but averages about 2500 in points :D R and K have two teeth each! R can crawl/scoot himself around now. Poor little guy had his first visit to the ER last week, double ear infections. It was so sad to see him like that. K is a little squishy man. He's so funny and we are finally getting over his reflux so that's been wonderful! He is not interested in crawling at all. He's such a diva, he'll just lay face down on his belly if I try. Needless to say, we just don't have belly time very often. He can get around in his walker though. (: And that's about it for us.

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