Thursday, October 7, 2010

Five Months Already!!

On the 12th my boys will be five months old already! I know people are always saying how fast time goes but it has seriously gone by so fast! We are now eating oatmeal, rice, squash, peas, and green beans. We're not too sure about sweet potatoes though. They are both laughing a lot, K more than R. I think that's just part of R's personality though, a little more serious and feisty. When we upset him he gives us long speeches, it's the cutest thing.
Their nurse came to visit and they're pretty much doing everything on time, they hadn't rolled over then but they have now so we're up to date so far. Hopefully it stays that way! (:

Besides the difference in personalities, K still has more hair than R and it looks quite a bit curlier but that could change. K is about half an inch taller, R weighs a few more ounces but he looks way bigger. They both "talk" a lot and they have certain shows they really pay attention to. K still has GERD which has been a pain but starting solids has really helped. We'll be changing his medications soon and hopefully he'll be feeling much better soon!

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