Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Matt and Kellie's wedding.

August 28 was Matt and Kellie's wedding. I haven't known Matt or Kelli very long but they're so perfect for each other. He's in the army, and while deployed got seriously injured last year. Kellie dropped everything to move to DC and take care of him. That's obviously the very, very short version but still such a great love story and I'm a sap so.. there you go.
G was Matt's best man, so I finally got to see him in a tux. (: I didn't take pictures while I was there but hopefully some come up soon.
They were married in Tsaile (which is on the Navajo Reservation) and it was so nice to see where G grew up. It's beautiful out there.
It was our first trip since the boys were born and I think it went pretty well. It was a lot of fun and now when G tells me stories I can kind of picture it. (:
My studs.

She had a blast in the hotel.. We stayed in Gallup, NM which is about two hours away? It worked out better for the kids because four hours in a car is way too long. I lose major mommy points because I never got a picture of her in her dress?! But this is cute.. Plus, she totally looks like a power ranger.

And here's some of Matt and G.

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