Tuesday, September 7, 2010

21 months old.

My baby girl will be 21 months old on the eleventh. 21! Only three months away from being two! I'm freaking out a little here.
She's a little monster sometimes but I honestly can't imagine her any other way. I'm so proud of her and the person she is becoming. As sad as I am about her not being a baby anymore I'm so excited about being able to share new experiences with her. We got our first big girl panties, they're Hello Kitty! She likes showing those off a little too much but I'm sure that will pass.
She is talking ALL THE TIME and gets pretty bossy but that runs on both sides so, can't really expect any different. She's so good to her brothers (90% of the time) and wants to "hod" (hold) them all the time.

ALWAYS wants to "eat, food, yeah?" Always. I don't know where she's keeping any of it because we are still at 20.5 lbs but this girl can out eat anyone.
My little geisha. Her Tia Gayla got this for her she loves how silky it feels.

She thinks she needs to be a part of everything! Cooking included. (:

Love love loves to "holla" with crayons, chalk, whatever. She isn't very picky.

Yes, that's lipstick and her hair is curled (she calls all irons "hot"). She also likes having her "feet" done haha. Sorry daddy, she's a girly-girl after all.

I know every parent says their kid is smart but seriously, my daughter is really smart. She got her daddy's old iPhone and is always on YouTube listening to Charice's cover of "Baby". Yeah, THAT obsession has gotten way out of control.


  1. its sad how fast they grow. i remember when you where just post pictures of her and how tiny she was.

  2. I know! I feel so lame but it just makes me cry haha she's just so grown up already!