Saturday, June 5, 2010


On June 1 we were told the boys would be able to go home. Finally! Both boys were still under 5 lbs, K was pretty close but we weren't sure if R would gain enough by that morning. Most car seats are made for babies starting at 5 lbs, so they thought we might need a car bed. Never heard of one? I hadn't either, Google is a wonderful thing. (:
They have you stay overnight in a room to teach you how to do some things (in our case, basic CPR) and I think just in case you freak out you'll have nurses/doctors there to answer any questions.
Once we got there that evening though, we were told that K had another Brady and wouldn't able to leave for five days. It was pretty bittersweet, but better to be safe.
That night went well, and in the morning they did a car seat challenge - baby has to sit in car seat for x amount of time without stats going down - and then we were off! I'm not going to lie, I cried a little. But really, it was hard enough leaving the hospital without both if them, having to leave one in there by himself made me feel worse.
My sweet baby R did great though, he got to hang out with his sister...

K did great too, I personally think he just wanted some extra time in there with the ladies. (; He was discharged that Saturday morning, G went to pick him up alone while A and I tried to get everything ready at home.
She's such a hard worker.

Reunited. (:

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