Monday, May 10, 2010

May is here already!

This past week has been really busy, not so much for me since I'm not allowed to do too much of anything but the girls had finals and Alicia graduated with another degree. I'm currently back in L&D, which officially is 4 weeks in labor. Yup, FOUR. The contractions aren't terribly painful or anything, it's just really uncomfortable. I think the medications are the worst part, I know my baby boys will be so completely worth it though. Mother's day started off so well, my family is so good to me. I think the boys enjoyed dinner a little too much though because it started getting bad pretty fast. I think my body knows it shouldn't be in labor yet but I'm so huge it wants to be, haha. All these contractions and not a single change where it matters.. if you catch my drift. My doctor said we'll wait and see how today goes and we can see if I can go home or not. I literally cannot get bigger and the pain gets really bad.. I think we're just ready to finally meet. <3

Melanie, Alicia, and Ashley at Alicia's graduation. I wish I could've gone. But there's always Melanie's. :)

G's parents.

A at dinner. Okay, a small confession, I broke bedrest to attend but it has been four weeks! It was nice to get out for a couple hours, and i was sitting the whole time.

Mothers day morning. (:

Big Belly!
we're at 33 weeks now!!

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