Saturday, March 28, 2009

thankful challenge

Tiffani informed me that I'm not updating this blog enough, so here I am. With a thankful post, because that seems like fun! 1.) A is healthy. I worry so much about her little coughs and sneezes and it never turns out to be anything. I know that no one "deserves' to be sick but it's really not fair when little babies or any children, really, get all these terrible diseases before they've even had a chance at living their lives. 2.G. I really could not have picked a better father for my baby or a better partner. I think I take him for granted sometimes but I'm trying to appreciate even the smallest things because I know he's really good to me. 3.New hair! Really, just having a baby makes you nitpick and every little thing on your body. Even if it is just my hair it makes me feel pretty again and who doesn't want that? 4.The oppurtunity to start beauty school soon. I think I've been putting it off for long enough and I found out today that they do have federal financial aid for it now! Well, I'm excited. 5.Nice ladies at Tirzah! The one that does my hair, Rhonda, is also a mommy and we're supposed to go to some Mommy group on Thursday. It is impossible to make "mommy-friends" or any here, really. It is nothing like Utah and that's probably what makes me the most homesick. But anyway, she's super nice and I'm glad I finally met someone with a baby that doesn't live 6+ hours away. 6.Texting! I do not know what I'd do without it. Oh wait, I'd have awkward conversations with people and struggle trying to find a good excuse to get off the phone. Well ha! I have baby now, I would use that.. if I ever had to call someone, which I don't. Okay, my communication skills are probably lacking now but still, it's convenient. 7.My parents. It's funny how your relationship changes after you have kids of your own. 8.The internet, Google especially. I never have to wonder about ANYTHING anymore. Google is my new smart best friend, I just ask him how the world works and he tells me. I am extremely grateful for this since, in a few years maybe less Aiden will be asking ME. 9.Vinegar. Yeah, random but really you can use it to clean almost anything AND it's good for the environment. 10.My brothers. Yes, they're thirteen years apart but they're both so good to their niece. I wasn't sure how'd they take it but they both care so much and are constantly calling/texting to check up on her. It's adorable. 11.Leg-warmers. I have a semi-nudist baby so this is pretty much the best idea ever! 12.Tiffani, for making me realize that I have MORE than fifty things to be thankful for. 13.The Montanos, for everything they do and especially for what they don't. 14.COFFEE and all it's goodness. 15.Memories (the ONE scrapbook store in Flagstaff) mostly just for existing but also because they have cute cupcake paper. 16.Kodak's website. We only had pictures on our phones and on the computer so when I found this Ta-Da! we now have prints. 17.Heaters! I think that's self-explanatory. 18.Tax returns. We, and by we I mean G, will get to fix the orange beast and make it sounds mean. He's excited about this. 19.Seat belts. 20.Sakura's. The teppanyake place here, it's wonderful. We ate there today and it was delicious, that's all. 21.Those cute little bows for A's head. 22.The cute flower headbands Brielle made for A's little head. (: 23.Blogs. 24.Being healthy! 25.Ice, because contrary to what you may have heard it DOES make soda taste better. 26.Pow wows! Okay, so I'm not Navajo but my family is and it's been such a blessing to be able to see another culture. They are so proud of who they are, it's contagious. 27.G's job, raises, and promotions. Mhm. 28.Formula that is pretty close to breastmilk - or at least better than it was twenty years ago. A is big and strong and I am beyond grateful for that. 29.Aquaphor and it's magic. I no longer have a scaly-eczema baby. It's a good thing. 30.G's sister's, who have somehow become mine. 31.Hand sanitizer and soap, enough said. 32.Make-up and all the fun things you can do with it. But also being makeup free.. I have an extra 30 minutes to play with baby almost every day. 33.Flat Irons. I love my Chi and it's bronze-loveliness. But I want the new flower one at Trade Secret. 34.Dreft. I put into all of our laundry and we all smell like a baby, which is a good thing. For me anyway. 35.Good music. 36.A will soon be able to fit into her pretty dresses. I'm probably more excited about this that everyone else but she looks so cute in them! 37.I am thankful for life. I just got some bad news and I know death is a normal part but that doesn't make it any less sad. I am glad that our families are, for the most part, healthy and active. 38.My hidden cooking abilities. I'm no Paula Dean but I've learned I'm not half bad. (: 39.Fafsa and financial aid, period. 40.Education. I think it's awesome that there is so much to learn in the world and it's ALL there for us if we take the time to look for it. 41.Check cards, so convenient! 42.Phones that take pictures. 43.The woman's body. WE CAN MAKE BABIES! HOW AWESOME IS THAT? 44.Disposable diapers, seriously. 45.Green Apple Jolly Ranchers 46.A decided she didn't like the binky so that's one less thing to worry about. Yeah, I told you she was amazing! 47.Parenting magazines, no matter what a certain someone says they are helpful sometimes. 48.Potoatoes. Seriously you can make everything with them. 49.Scissors and glue. 50.Toothpaste and toothbrushes!

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  1. i loved reading this. its in teeny tiny font though, so it was kinda hard for me. haha. i am blind. anyway. i am glad that some lovely things have come from this thankful list.

    do it every week!! :)