Thursday, March 19, 2009

teething, promotions, and pajamas. oh my!

I have literally spent the last three hours on craigslist. I like this wasting my life away on the internet thing, it's cute. I'm pretty sure A is teething, she is showing all the signs and this is the most unhappy she's been umm, since she was born. She never cried and now she gets so fussy. I feel bad :/
Oh, and on top of that, today I had to make the appointment for her next round of vaccines.
Who's excited?
Not I.

Today has been long and I'm so tired. We woke up early because a certain little misses can't sleep if the lights are on.. or if the lights might turn on.. or if she hears the word light.. or words at all really. Basically, the girl doesn't like to sleep. So we were up and started making fish and fries. When we finished that and ate I started on the Chinese food. Yes, greasy (but homemade so that should count for something? Maybe.) Chinese food but it was delicious and someday I will tell A that's it's okay to love bad food. Because I do, and you can't help what you love. Or something like that.

So I'm sitting here texting G and guess what? He got the supervisor job.
Honestly, he deserves it more than everyone else that they were interviewing and I'm not just saying that because he's my boyfriend. He's been doing the job and not getting paid for it, really not even getting paid enough for doing the bare minimum of what they're required to and he's been doing more than that from day 1. Plus, he's attractive and attractive men should just make more money. Especially attractive men with attractive babies.
They require new cute clothes, you see?

It's obviously late because I'm rambling on and on about nothing and everything. Anyway, so yesterday I decided it was time to shop for A because she's growing out of her 0-3 things and well, let's be honest I will find any excuse to shop for her. We get there and I did the soda runs as always (G's mama wants a large Pepsi, I want a large Diet) and of course the girls are always so happy to be working at Copper Coyote. So, I order the drinks from the miserable girl and of course I don't think about the size of the cupholders vs. the size of cups so she hands them to me and none of them fit. The only ones they'll fit intoare the ones next to A. So I'm like, Dillards is only a minute away I can put them in there until then. We get to Dillards and I realize the lid wasn't put on properly and there is soda everywhere. Wait, scratch that, not on the washable white furry thing, but all over A and she never even made a sound. So we have to change in the bathroom which is always awkward - they need to make it more convenient for people with strollers, honestly. And by the end of this I think she's worn out because she usually enjoys shopping, looking at all the colors, and giving me her opinions (even though I can't understand her!) but nope, she was OUT.

Until of course I started finding the good stuff, then she decided that she didn't want to sleep or be in the stroller. It's sad really, they spent a pretty large amount of money on this stroller and she's rather have you hold her, next to it. Hopefully as she gets older she'll get used to sitting while the rest of us have to walk. Or daddy can just push me in that thing, whatever works.

Anyway, I managed to find some things I liked. Things I'm thinking she can grow into because they look impossibly long. I mean, I'm short but I'm not that short.

Or maybe I am. We get home and after doing laundry I put them on her and they fit perfectly. She is literally half my height already. I saw this picture of Reese Witherspoon with her 9 year old daughter who is almost about to pass her up and I joked saying that'd be me. Apparently A thinks nine years is too long. I am not going to be very intimidating ever. I don't like this at all.

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  1. amanda! i love how you write. :) and i was thinking about that the other day, the part where Aiden is going to pass you up. hehe. I don't know why but I definitely thought about it.

    you are a cute little family and i bet you're a wonderful Mama. :)