Friday, March 13, 2009

new beginnings.

I thought I should introduce myself before we get into my whole life, my name is Amanda. I'm 20 years old, I have a daughter. We'll call her A. I'm the oldest of three children, I love my two brothers so very much. I miss them a lot, they're still in Utah. I'm currently living in Flagstaff, Arizona. It's so beautiful but it isn't home. I had a beautiful baby girl on December 11, 2008. I never thought I'd turn into one of those women who says that this is what they were meant for but I truly believe that's the truth. I love being a mommy, I've never felt the way I do when I look at her. I know that I'm here to protect her, to show her how good the world can be and to try to protect her from the ugly. She is three months old as of Thursday which is absolutely insane. Time has literally flown past me. She just grows and grows and I guess I don't really notice until she outgrows something (again) and I just can't believe how much she picks up on. Honestly, I could go on about her all day. Chances are if I have your phone number you get at least one picture of her a day. Oh and pictures, she loves those. Anytime you pull out a phone she thinks it's picture time. It's hilarious she's a little diva already. She's actually starting to eat baby food and gets very angry if we eat without her. There's a place here called Black Barts and it's a steak house but all the waiters/waitresses are a part of the drama department at NAU. Well, they sing while you're eating and stuff.. she loved it. She really enjoyed the Twilight books, which is really inappropriate but she wouldn't sit through the Velveteen rabbit.
Her daddy is incredible, we'll call him G. He is just so in love with her, it really is the cutest thing in the world to watch them together. She could stare at him all day and never tire of it. We went to the renaissance festival in Phoenix a few weeks ago and she stared at him the entire way there and back, even when it was dark. We would pass a streetlight and there her little eyes were, wide open and looking at her daddy. There has been a lot said about relationship in the past year, not all of it was very good. I've known this man since I was fourteen, he has been my best friend for the past four years and I am completely in love with him. This year has been hardest on us because it's the first where we've spent almost every minute together, the first where we've had to actually learn each others strengths and weaknesses. I know we have what it takes to be together forever, I know he loves me just as much I love him. I could not ask for a better boyfriend, father for my daughter, or friend, really.
I think that pretty much sums it up right now.

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  1. Dear Ms. Amanda,

    WELCOME back to my LIFE! holy cow, when i deleted myspace I didn't really think about all the people I wouldn't hear from, and I cannot lie I've thought about you often and wondered how you are. Dear, I had no idea you were even pregnant! Aiden is absolutely beautiful! Congratulations on that! HOLY COW. she's gorgeous. I loved reading what you've got posted so far on your blog. It excites me to know that you are happy. :) You're beautiful and dear old Gibson is so lucky to have you as the mommy of his child and his lover! :) Amanda!!!! I would LOVE to see you & baby Aiden if you come to stg?! please? do you have a phone? my number hasn't changed. call me beep me! I am so glad you found my blog.

    yay for keeping in touch. and happiness.