Sunday, March 15, 2009

bath time fun

This week the girls are in Europe and I decided to try this whole cooking business. I'm not that bad! I think I could do this whole domestic thing and a certain someone should probably just propose already. Ahem. But really, I have the dress picked out and everything.. PLUS a bridal magazine came in my name the other day and I didn't even order it so I'm thinking it's a sign..

Bath time for A. We have a cute little bathtub for her but I have pictures in my mom's sink so I thought it'd be cute.. and it totally is. I need a new camera because my phone and it's amazing crappiness doesn't really do the job. Well, anyway here are these for the meantime. Yeah, she's loves her baths and now she's actually getting into her little ducky.. or monkey.. in a floatie. It doesn't make sense but it lights up and she thinks it's awesome.

The boys are currently playing Gears way too loud and A woke up. But she just wants to look at pictures of herself so it works out. So excited because the pictures finally got here so I can work on the baby book. All our pictures have just been on the computer and the phones, I haven't even touched her book since before I had her. It's horrible. At least I'll have something to do now because this whole not having a job thing is getting really boring.. someone should hire me.. someone that isn't terribly grumpy. That'd be nice.
I'm pretty sure I have been saying for oh, 10 weeks that I would start a diet and actually stick to it. I have been to the gym a total of (wait for it..) four times. It's not so much the losing baby weight but I don't eat well at all anymore and A thinks she needs to be a little adult already.. I think he diet needs to be a little more wholesome than Monsters and sweet potato fries.

Okay A is done being patient..

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  1. I didnt know you have a blog- I made those bows, I can make you some more when I get more stuff if you want. I am slacking in the bow making department. You little lady is absolutely beautiful. What a sweet little face, and look at all that hair. She probably already has as much as Molly, and Molly is nearly 1 1/2 yrs. old.