Saturday, April 6, 2013

Meal planning/Freezer meals

I've been pretty MIA lately, I apologize. At first, we were traveling. Then, I just didn't have anything cool or exciting to share. Really. But let's be honest, that's not much of an excuse because I never have anything THAT cool or exciting to share. (; Anyway, thanks to Pinterest (always!) I have become obsessed with planning meals and making freezer meals. Because I'm a stay at home mom and obviously don't have enough time to cook dinner? Okay, so I do have time. A lot of time. But this gives me so much more time to play with babies and spend time on other things. The family still gets a healthy, delicious meal. Win/win, right? Right. Here we meet problem number 1. I don't actually have room in my fridge for 30 days of meals. But this is about 20 days and I'm pretty excited about that. At first, I started with this big plan of making all the meals in one day.. I got to 6 and was super overwhelmed. I love cooking, don't get me wrong, but I had spent so much time planning the meals and shopping trip I didn't take the time to plan out how I'd actually make the meals. So, here we encounter problem #2. No planning = about 7 freezer bags filled with vegetables and/or meat and no idea what I was planning on making with them. So, I improvised. It ended up working out, I guess. I didn't mark the bags that time so I think by the end of the month we'll be having a surprise meal and just cross our fingers. Then I stumbled upon the idea (aka I stumbled upon this lovely lady's blog) that you can just cook what you normally would, double/triple the recipe and freeze it. Light bulb! So I will definitely be incorporating that into more of our meals for the next month. Do you meal plan? Or have any thought/tips you'd like to share?

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