Sunday, April 12, 2009

More on that.

Now that A's sleeping I can tell you how great this week was. So, on Monday I had an interview at this coffee/cookie shop in the mall. I got there and we started talking and I got the job! So that's been good, being a stay at home mommy is amazing in it's own way but I really like having my own money. Then, on thursday but possibly Friday G got a call for an interview and he got that job. Basically, it's the same job except he won't be supervisor but he'll get more money? Which basically just means his current employer sucks and does not treat their employees well. On Friday A got her second vaccines. at first we thought she would do a lot better because after the first one she barely whimpered but her being older actually meant she has figured out the yelling crying thing and perfected it. Our poor baby was miserable. Also that cough turned out to be worse than we thought, bronchialitis, I believe? So now she has this tiny little mask attached to a nebulizer to do every few hours. The breathing treatments only last ten minutes but who's patient enough for that? The correct answer would be someone not related to me. She's not a happy camper. Did I mention that I watched Hannah Montana and it was absolutely wonderful? Seriously one of the best movies i've seen all year. That's saying something since we're there almost every weekend. I even converted Melanie and trust me she was nor on our side (: On that note, please do not waste your money on Dragonball. So cheesy and they could had so much they could have done with it but they did not. G's birthday is on Thursday. I fail miserably at this good girlfriend thing, what do you get a 22 year old? Besides a beautiful baby, of course. I'm making brownies for the Man and since I like chocolate as much as I like his xbox right now (another day) how am I supposed to know when they're done?! Oh and Easter was good. G's Aunt came and told us she is pregnant!!! And due September 4th. Babies cone in threes in their family so we will see who the third is. I got an awesome HM pen and A got a bunch of cute things; her baskets were bigger than her! I may or may not have burned the brownies. Grand.
Sad day for the G-man. However, I'm eating grapes and they are delicious.
Sending you all lots of love this Sunday. <3

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  1. hey pretty. i love your posts! :) it makes me smile to hear of your life. and Aiden is beautiful in her little easter dress! it makes me giggle that you like hannah montana! but whatevs! :) jk.

    and what to get Mr. Montano?
    besides a baby?

    hmph. a photo album full of sweet pictures of his sweet family. his favorite treats? a new shirt? some cologne? a love notes book. (chris and i just started, we have a notebook where we take turns writing love notes in it. :))

    uhmm...i dunno what else? :)